PRODUCT  II: Gen-Sets and CHPs

We deliver tailor made and containerized Gen-Sets and CHPs, focused on MAN engines​.

Applicable gas types: biogas, natural gas, gas with low heating value

The solutions are available in 50 and 60 Hz.

kW el.η el.MAN engine​cylinderdisplacement​
105~ 38 %E0836​6 (in row)6.9 L​
210~ 39 %E26766 (in row)12.8 L
350~ 40 %E32688 (V 90°)17.2 L​
530~ 40 %E326212 (V 90°)25.8 L

Additional equipment

  • Exhaust gas heat exchangers
  • Gas Dryer
  • Activated Carbon Absorber
  • SCR-Catalyst (NOx emissions)
  • Version for cold, warm or humid countries
  • Spare parts package
  •  …

Advantages of MAN gas engines:

  1. highest numbers of gas engines ever produced 
  2. outstanding durability, excellent reliability and low life-cycle costs
  3. Ease of use (maintenance, spare parts)​