PRODUCT III: biogas desulphurization

In order to use the biogas the sulphur has to be removed.
Good systems ensure a durable extraction of the sulphur by low costs.

Perfect is the biotrickling technology, which is based on a biological reactor.

Microorganisms grow on a surface of inorganic media and need oxygen. The metabolic process of these microorganisms remove the sulphur contained in the gas stream. This biotrickling’s media have to be washed continuously, but don’t have to be replaced over time.

The advantage of the system is that it produces only small OpEx

You also do not have any dangerous waste

With this systems you can treat biogas with a sulphur content of up to 20,000 ppm.

In the outlet this systems have an oxygen content down to 0,2-0,3% and can be used also for RNG projects (biomethan).