delta biogas – about us

Delta Biogas is an independent dealer and sales representative for Gen-Sets and CHPs, mainly with MAN engines.

We are focused on biogas CHPs. But we also provide CHPs for natural gas and for gas with low heating value (sewage gas, landfill gas, …).

We put a strong focus on packaging of the complete system. This has an importance of 40% for the sucess of each CHP project.

Together with proofen packagers we provide the perfect solution for each costumer.

The Emka principles:

  • take reliable and prooven solutions
  • look on the facts of the last 5 years, not on the promises for the future
  • take more than one CHPs for the installation

delta biogas   is your independent MAN engines dealer for:

  • biogas production (AD: anerobic digestion)

  • CHPs (combined heat and power) and

  • biogas upgrading (biomethan)

delta biogas: best combinations

Depending on the complete capacity of the biogas installation this are the best combinations.

E.g. for an 1.5 MW installation take three MAN engines with 500 kW. Four MTUs engines with 2 MW are best choice for an AD plant with 8 MW.

This recommendations are based on long year experience.

Our Customers

dairy farms, palm oil mills, sugar and ethanol industry, municipalities, fruit processing, pig farms, dairies.


Do not hesitate to contact us. We elaborate the best solution for you:

Dr. Mathias Kern
tel. +49 341 2710 501